Como trabajo . . .

Bienvenido a Dave Moss - El fotógrafo.

I could entertain for hours on my experiences in photography over the last 44 years. For some background on my career please see the Acerca de page.
That doesn't help you with your photography needs, but it does guarantee that having done absolutely everything photographically possible over the years, I am more than able to deliver with the speed and efficiency you probably haven't experienced before. In short, I can handle any assignment you can throw at me. For photography to promote your business and sell your products or a special family shot. Both of which are handled with the sensitivity and true professionalism you should demand.
Email if you must, but I much prefer a brief phone call so I can gather more info and discuss the best approach for best pictures and best price.
You won't often find me doing easy photography. Pretty girls, outdoor sports or pretty scenes are all easy targets for amateurs with their prized new cameras.
Instead you will find me dealing with any curve balls thrown my way like I've seen them a hundred times! People and lighting are the biggest variables and a pleasure to deal with confidently and easily.
Average photography is never enough. I aim high every time to challenge myself. You are the winner in the end.
So please don't limit your photo requests to your own limited experiences. Forget the ordinary and call anytime for an instant quote. That's FREE.