I started work as a press photographer in the South London area on July 4th, 1977. One early assignment was covering Muhammed Ali’s visit with his wife Veronica Porsche and baby daughter Hanna. Then two classic Borg v McEnroe Wimbledon finals and visiting the many celebrities living in the area before heading back home in the early 80s.

I came home to join the former Grimsby Evening Telegraph - getting to know all the people that made the area tick. I soon became Chief Photographer, Picture Editor and then Imaging Manager to guide them into the digital age in the late 90s. After covering the lives of families and businesses throughout northern Lincolnshire and beyond I escaped declining newspapers in 2006.

Thanks to the many contacts made during that time I still pick up the phone to business leaders, families and friends who have trusted me to deliver perfect pictures for decades.

I also have the biggest photography studio in the area right next to my home in Church Lane, Holton-le-Clay, Grimsby,

The greater the variety the better. So please don't limit your photo requests to your own limited experiences. Ask for more and enjoy dealing with a genuine experienced professional.

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