Are you looking forward to a family anniversary or special occasion? Even a wedding perhaps? Whatever it is, you are welcome to call on my 40 years of people photography to ensure there are no embarrassments and guarantee great pictures afterwards. It's FREE  to call and as I don't need to work anymore there will be no sales chat from me, just great advice on the best approach. Then it's for you to decide. Your place or mine? Sunday morning or Saturday night? It's no problem.

My photography studio is the biggest in the area right next to my home in Church Lane, Holton-le-Clay, Grimsby, Lincolnshire. It is used for larger family reunions to avoid the British weather and some very large businesses who need reliable photography on time every time.

Having said that most of my work is anytime anywhere. The greater the variety the better. So please don't limit your photo requests to your own limited experiences. Ask for more and enjoy dealing with a total professional. I may not be the cheapest but . . . you may be surprised as I do work very fast. Forget the ordinary and call anytime for an instant quote. That's FREE.


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