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Boosting your business is my biggest passion. I have built up a real empathy with businesses of all sizes over the years. If you don't know me or haven't dealt with me before, I am guessing I have been recommended to you for commercial photography to promote your business?

Once we have worked together you will understand how I can make your life so easy. Please don't underestimate what's possible after any previous photography experiences. Once I have earned your trust from our first collaboration, it's plain sailing. My regular clients, whether major internationals, national or local medium-size companies simply call for a short chat and leave the rest to me. It's flattering to know my regular clients totally trust my judgement, approach and professionalism every time.

My long experience with the two biggest variables of people and lighting over the last 40 years allows me to work much faster without compromising quality. This helps much more than you may realise. Experienced in the most pressured situations, be it dealing with royalty or the most important business or political leaders or simply the wind and weather. I often hear words like: "It’s the way you just did it.” and "You read my mind. At last, someone who delivers without the waffle."

From flattering contemporary staff portraits done in minutes, not hours, team photos or bigger projects. Some clients have been calling me over 10 years confident they will never be disappointed. Equally at home in a factory on the dockside or a building site after hundreds of safety inductions. Even easier in the studio with products or people. Early, freezing cold mornings or late dusky evenings are all part of my natural work environment, I have done all this and more for decades. Knowing any possible problems means I can easily prevent them and guarantee success every time.

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